• 2015
  • Art Direction, Interactive
  • Energy BBDO

Bud Light was missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with their target.

Anheuser Busch/Bud Light sets aside millions of dollars each year for sustainable initiatives and it’s exactly this kind of responsibility that their millennial market responds to. 68% will trust a company more if they know they they are environmentally friendly.

The problem? Nobody knew it.

The solution?
Throw Bud Light parties that power themselves.

Music festivals are incredibly popular among our target but they have major problems when it comes to sustainability. As a main stage host to many festivals and the most prolific festival beer, Bud Light was in a unique position to address this problem by tapping into existing behaviors - make it easy to make a difference and provide lasting change at the fests. We created a new kind of music festival experience that championed sustainability by using renewable energy resources to power the whole event.

Key markets radiate energy

With hundreds of Bud Light sponsored stages and festivals nationwide, it’s a perfect opportunity to show that Bud Light knows how to party and does so in a way that resonates with its fans.

To show Bud Light’s commitment to innovation and fueling the fun in a sustainable way, we’ll use every kind of renewable energy we can harness. We’ll pair our resources with events where we can tap into solar, wind, hydro and tidal-powered resources.

Innovative ways to capture energy

Each event would be powered completely with sustainable innovations, such as dance-powered stages and wind-solar turbines sound systems. We designed a multitude of ways to use Bud Light as a source of fun and a source of renewable energy as well: Bud Light pogo-kegs, bottle recycle-powered pinball machines. The ways to fuel the fun never ran out.

Geofilters Energize

When fans are on dance-powered stages, they'll unlock exclusive Snapchat Bud Light filters that visualize the energy being generated.

Literally fueling the fun

The cost of fuel can be prohibitive when touring. Bud Light's Fuel the Fun to the rescue converts tour buses to run on biofuel made with Bud Light's spent grains. Not only does it put the brand (and bottles) in the hands of critical influencers on stage, it also helped Bud Light continue their mission, literally fueling the fun across the country.

As a festival partner, Bud Light also had the opportunity to provide biodiesel party buses to carpool to the festivals. "Are you #UpForWhatever? Hop on the Bud Light Fuel The Fun Party Bus and head to Lollapalooza!"

Tracking our results to zero environmental impact.

We proposed an app that tracks the energy created and consumed in real-time from the various sources of renewable energy, and educates about each technology. It would also aggregate the chatter on social media as another form of fuel, converting each #FuelTheFun hastag into media dollars to go towards fueling a stage or experience. To conclude each event, a short mysterious documentary of each site would be made to highlight the process, epic party, and the post-party energy results, which would strangely look like nothing had ever happened there.

Opportunity Still Ahead

Although Bud Light did not move ahead with this direction, the campaign showed the environmentally conscious side that, still to this day many do not know about. Let’s keep hoping for the earth’s sake that one day this big brand will make it something they are known for.