is an interactive narrative that emulates our constant search for the stories behind the images placed in front of us. It asks the viewer to complete the narrative by finding the meaning among the scattered lines. The site displays a unique and unexpected interface by resizing the browser window as a means to solve puzzles and continue the story. Check out the whole story at

Excerpt from the Comic

As our heroine sits down to enjoy the potential roommate's freshly made pie, we get a glimpse into what the girl meant when she said she liked to try new ingredients.

IN/STUDIO Exhibition made it's first debut in Chicago's Rational Park Gallery at the IN/STUDIO exhibition. IN/STUDIO seeks to address design as an evolving practice rather than a preset career path. Design is no longer about following a formula; instead it is exploring these formulas from every perspective available through new mediums and messages.

The show was hosted by the SAIC chapter of the Society of Typographic Arts.