LG Visualize AR app

Leading the charge in Augmented Reality Marketing, technology giant, LG, commissioned NEXT/NOW to create a specialized mobile sales tool that allowed their team to demonstrate how their numerous high-end video solutions would look like, feel, and fit in any space, whether on a wall, tabletop, on the floor.

Using a phone or tablet, reps can now place the product at various locations and take a photograph that they can print out or email to the customer as a personalized shareable spec sheet as an additional touchpoint.

Digital Interacting with Physical

Once a customer selects a possible location for his/her preferred product, that object lives in that space just like the real object would. This marriage of digital to the physical allows them to look at it from multiple angles in the room, and comfortably select their final install location by removing the guesswork.

  • 2018
  • Interactive, Augmented Reality, Interface Design

Doubling Down on the Strength of AR

The LG AR Sales Tool is an excellent example of utilizing AR for both wow-factor and practical use. LG has distributed the application to each of it's over one-hundred reps in the field, giving them a powerful tool to close deals and to demonstrate LG's forward-leaning dedication to innovation.