Snakeskin Typeface

Snakeskin is based on a design generated with Processing and the Geomerative Library created by Richard Maxer with Ultra as the seed font.

Type & Code

Designing with code made it easy to explore ideas that would take forever to do by hand. But then it was the human hand that carved out what mattered to elevate what is visually important and aesthetically interesting. I worked with the negative space that the circle-stroked typeface left behind to create a unique extreme of thicks and thins. I included the circular paths created in the counters and overlaps on corners to reveal the logic behind the letterforms. Solving how to taper those shapes when not enclosed was what really became the defining moments of the typeface.

This typeface is featured on Type and Code, a forum/gallery created by Yeohyun Ahn for experimental type, created with code.