If Walls Could Sing

Soho House Chicago gets particularly crazy during Lollapalooza and wanted to do something extra to their monthly painted cornerstones, known on Instagram as #GraffitiOnGreen. Enter #IfWallsCouldSing, the first projection mapped murals for #GraffitiOnGreen. Painted portals to Lollapalooza were brought to life with moving iconic lyrics of headliners, with the intention that people walking by would recognize the lyrics and then enjoy a fun song in their heads. The murals also gave shoutouts to the talented musical guests performing each night at the House. Uber commissioned and promoted the collaboration between muralist Kalan Strauss and interactive media artist Kristen Youngman.

Special Thanks to all the talented people that made this happen, including: Kalan Strauss for moving clouds; Megan Spain for working her magic at every turn; Junior Grey and the Soho Engineering Team for bringing the light; Sara Lavery for your sharp eye and enthusiasm, my awesome bike gang: Emily Burnham for staying on everything like a hawk and Mitch Stomner, your tech prowess will never cess to impress; and of course my amazing husband Jaime, who lets me do me.